“Serve All” Community | Netala, Himalayas

The Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Ashrams in India provide free medical help to local villages where medical facilities can be very limited.

A free weekly Ayurvedic medical clinic at our Sivananda Kutir Ashram in the Himalayas, at Netala, has been running for over twently years, opening its doors in 1998. Run by a local physician, Dr. Chandok, the clinic provides consultations and free medicines, as well as loving care to nearby villagers. Each Sunday afternoon a minimum of 10 patients are seen in the summer months, to around 30 in the winter months when the weather is more of a challenge.

Once a year a bandara (feeding of sadhus) is organized by the Sivananda Kutir which brings approximately 125 to 150 sadhus (ascetics or holy people) and 500 to 700 local children and villagers from the neighbouring area together for a feast. Sadhus are given dakshina (an offering) and a large bag containing food items, clothing, toiletries, and other useful items.

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